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Major upgrade | Global Bank Payouts | Stablecoin Suite | Business Merchant Facilities

We have been busy working on some major developments that have been added to the apps this week.  Global Bank Payouts Forestcoin has partnered with Wyre and can now payout directly to banks globally. This means, you can ...

Calendar IconJan 10, 2023
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Congratulations! You monetized tree planting!

We would like to say a big thank you to our users around the world who have sold the Forestcoin that they earned from planting trees. You have effectively been paid for planting trees and have put tree...

Calendar IconMar 25, 2022
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Forestcoin trading is live!

Trading in Forestcoin has officially commenced.  Open your Forestcoin app and navigate to the section or log into with your Forestcoin email and password. We are putting tree planting at the center of currency creation, and we...

Calendar IconFeb 4, 2022