Forestcoin Economics

Forestcoin Currency currency exchange
  • Andrew plants a tree and earns FC.
  • He receives 80% of the minted coins. 20% is shared between:
    • 3x crowdsourced approvers
    • the user that referred Andrew to Forestcoin
    • the node that creates the block
    • Andrews’s country donation fund and
    • the Forestcoin company

Andrew transfers the FC to then sells for USDT

Andrew withdraws the USDT

He has just been paid for tree planting

Betty buys the FC in order to use it for buying goods and services

Betty buys a $3.50 coffee from Cathy’s Coffee and pays with FC

Betty feels good that she has used a payment method that monetizes tree planting. Simply by choosing to pay using FC (instead of her credit card) she is doing her part to combat Climate Change

Cathy’s Coffee accepts FC

  • Cathy’s Forestcoin app checks the current order book on and calculates the amount of FC that Betty needs to pay
  • Cathy’s Coffee’s displays QR code showing the amount of FC required
  • Betty scans the QR code and pays the FC
  • The FC is received by Cathy, then immediately sold for $3.50 of USDT
  • The transaction is completed in seconds.
  • Cathy can withdraw the $3.50 of USDT from then cash out to her bank
  • The FC has been purchased by another user and is back in circulation ready to be spent in another shop

Cathy’s Coffee shop can claim that they are a brand that cares about the environment by accepting Forestcoin.

Cathy actually received USDT so she can pay her bills, meaning that her investors, her landlord, and accountant are all happy.

Cathy’s marketing team are ecstatic that they can promote the environmental aspects of their coffee shop.

Cathy’s Coffee shop is also displayed in the Forestcoin app as a business that accepts FC. I.e. Users can search “coffee near me”.


The process as described above monetizes tree planting

At a time when scientists from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) state that we have just 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe, monetizing tree planting in order to capture carbon can play a key role in ensuring a habitable planet in the future.


Forestcoin aims to:

  • capture the hearts and minds of millions of people that are concerned about climate change, and
  • appeal to businesses that want to align their brand with a currency that rewards tree planters around the world.