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A cryptocurrency

where coins are mined by planting trees

Why are most cryptocurrencies bad for the planet?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies depend on computer power to solve complex mathematical equations to mine coins. This takes enormous amounts of energy, which creates pollution.

Bitcoin consumes enourmous amounts of energy

Computers grind away solving puzzles to mine bitcoin

This creates pollution and carbon emissions

How does Forestcoin solve this problem?

Planting Trees

Forestcoins are created by our users planting trees.

Upload the information

Anyone around the world can plant a tree and document it with the Forestcoin app.

Receive Forestcoins

Other Forestcoin users verify the planting (through photos and GPS) and the Forestcoins are issued

Buy or Sell

Forestcoins can then be spent at participating merchants and sold on participating exchanges


Forestcoin has all of the attributes of major successful cryptocurrencies

  • Limited supply
  • Coin reward is lowered as more trees are planted
  • Decentralised blockchain ledger
  • Nodes using the low energy PoET consensus algorithm
  • Run Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts on Forestcoin
  • FIVE second block time and ONE block confirmation finality plus no transaction fees make Forestcoin an ideal transaction coin.

Our goal is to plant one tree for every person on the planet.

With this goal in mind, forestcoin has a limit of one forestcoin for every person on the planet. Forestcoins are being released in 25 stages. Currently forestcoin is in stage 1 and tree planters receive 10 coins per tree planted.



Current Forestcoin price

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Forestcoins created for every tree planted

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Trees planted


Forestcoins in circulation

One Coin Per Person
Population - 7.7 billion
Max coins - 7.7 billion

Maximum number of Forestcoins possible

Numbers from UN DESA report, "World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision"

Number of nodes


Number of users

Did you know?

Every forestcoin has been created by a person planting a tree, so simply by using forestcoins for purchases and transfers you are supporting tree planting.

If you own a business accept forestcoin as payment and be associated with the cryptocurrency that is good for the planet.

Forestcoin aims to be the cryptocurrency that wins the hearts and minds of millions of people by monetizing the planting of trees.

Recently planted trees

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