Earning Forestcoin is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
Dig the hole, open the Forestcoin app and take a photo of the tree next to the hole
Plant the tree and take a photo from the same angle
Save it and you are done!
Take an optional selfie so you can use it for social media sharing.
Wait patiently while the tree planting is verified by other users checking the photos.
After three approvals, a final check is completed by the Forestcoin administrators.
The Forestcoin is minted and a transaction is created and transmitted to a node for inclusion into the next block. You will receive the FC into your wallet. You can now spend it or sell it on exchangeforest.com. You have just been paid for planting a tree! Woo Hoo!
Photos of all tree plantings are displayed on the Forestcoin website which allows for the public verification that the number of coins in circulation correlates to the number of planted trees.
Spread the word and share your referral code:
  • 4% of all new coins go to the referrer, so it is a great way to earn free coins!
  • You receive 25% of the trading fees that the new user pays when buying and selling FC on www.exchangeforest.com in the first 12 months.