Accept Forestcoin

  • Accept Forestcoin in your business and get instant exchange at point of sale to 4 different cryptocurrencies, or
    10 different stablecoins (linked 1:1 to USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, JPY, HKD, IDR, NZD, SGD) which you can then withdraw and cash out to your bank.
  • Open your business up to an additional sales channel via the loyal Forestcoin user base.
  • Promote your business as one that is environmentally conscious by accepting the cryptocurrency where the coins are created by planting trees.

You can receive payments in Forestcoin via

The Forestcoin Mobile Application

Enter the amount in any of 168 currencies (e.g. USD, EUR) and display the QR code for the customer to scan

Online with
the payment gateways we provide for
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
Online at

Add your custom link to your invoices so your customers can pay you

  • Step1
    Accept Forestcoin for in-store or online sales
  • Step2
    The FC is immediately traded (at point of sale) for another cryptocurrency or stablecoin e.g BTC or USDT
  • Step3
    The transaction is completed in seconds, and you receive BTC or USDT into your wallet
  • Step4
    Withdraw the BTC or USDT and cash out to your bank

Accept FC and promote your business for free

  • Your business will appear in the Forestcoin Mobile Application and Forestcoin website at no cost
  • Forestcoin users can search for "coffee near me" or "Accountants in L.A."
  • Reach out to one of our Ambassadors for promotional opportunities to benefit both of you
  • Download the art you need to promote your green credentials from the Forestcoin branding page
  • Forestcoin users are loyal to businesses that accept FC. Lock in an army of customers that support your business because you support tree planting.
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Low fees

Accept Forestcoin and receive the payment as Forestcoin 0% fee. Save and spend the FC, or sell it later at the then current the FC value for as low as 0.25%
Accept Forestcoin and receive the payment as another cryptocurrency or stablecoin 1% fee trade fee
See full list of coins and fees here
Example transaction: $100 transaction received as BTC attracting a 1% fee
  • Customer pays with Forestcoin, which is instantly traded for BTC on
  • Business receives USD$99 of BTC into their account at
  • The BTC can be withdrawn
  • Some coins have no withdrawl fees. See here for details


To receive the funds into your bank simply withdraw the cryptocurrency or stablecoin to an exchange or OTC provider in your country who can deposit the funds into your bank.


Promote your business referral code to your customers

When a new user signs up with your referral code
  • For personal accounts: you receive 25% of the trading fees that the user pays when buying and selling FC on in the first 12 months.
  • For business accounts: you receive 25% of the merchant fees that the business pays when accepting FC as payment in the first 12 months.
  • For tree planters: you receive 4% of the coins that are created when a tree is planted
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Align your brand with the cryptocurrency that fights climate change