Become a Forestcoin Ambassador

If you like the idea of being part of an organisation whose sole aim is to plant a tree for every person on the planet. then join us as an Ambassador and help spread the message about Forestcoin, the currency where the coins are created by planting trees.

Being a Forestcoin Ambassador is good for YOUR brand. It shows that you are environmentally aware, and you support tree planting

Earn Forestcoin from new users that sign up with your referral code

We can connect you with local businesses that accept FC as payment so you can do promotion together

Do as much or as little as you like. Attend tree planting events as a Forestcoin ambassador, or just share Forestcoin on social media.

Ambassadors can select their own referral code for more memorable referring. When you refer new users you earn

  • 4% of all newly minted FC when your referral plants a tree
  • 25% of the trading fees that the new user pays when buying and selling FC on in the first 12 months. This applies to normal users and also businesses that you refer

You will be in contact with forestcoin management to discuss publicity opportunities

Ambassador positions are ideal for people such as public figures, influencers, anyone with large social media followings, or anyone that loves Forestcoin and wants to be involved. Does this sound like you? Don’t be shy! Apply!

to become an Ambassador