Get Involved in Forestcoin

Plant a tree and earn Forestcoin. Anyone (including you) can plant a tree to earn FC! You currently earn 10FC for planting a tree.

Inspect other users' tree plantings in the Forestcoin app and vote to approve them or flag them as false plantings if they look suspicious. You earn 0.25FC for every correct vote.
Buy Forestcoin at then use it to pay for goods and services. Every forestcoin has been created by a person planting a tree, so simply by choosing to pay for goods and services using FC you are monetising the planting of trees!
Choose a Forestcoin life and be loyal to businesses that accept Forestcoin. Search or browse businesses here. @spendforestcoin
Accept Forestcoin at your business. You receive immediate exchange (at point of sale) for Bitcoin or other currency which you can then cash out to your bank. Your business can appear in this app (for free) so our very loyal user base can find you. Being aligned with the currency that monetizes tree planting is good for businesses, and good for our planet!
Ask your local shops to accept Forestcoin as payment - print business cards and flyers that include your referral code here. @flyer
Be sure to have people sign up with your referral code.

  • 4% of all new coins go to the referrer, so it is a great way to earn free coins!
  • You receive 25% of the trading fees that the new user pays when buying and selling FC on in the first 12 months.
  • Your referral code is "Sign in to see your code"

Ask your local plant nursery to promote forestcoin to their customers - they can download posters to print. Remind them to share their referral code so they get a percentage of all the coins from trees the customers plant!
Contact every tree planting program that you can find and tell them about Forestcoin. Make sure they sign up with your referral code so you receive your referral fee!
Consider planting to earn Forestcoin or buying, and just HODLing. There is the potential for the value of Forestcoin to grow! In stage one of the coin release program tree planters earn 10 coins per tree planted, compared to stage 25 where they earn 0.00000012. Planting early, or buying early will could be a good investment! (Note - this is not investment advice and please do your research!)
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