• 1

    Development – completed

    Development of the Forestcoin Cryptocurrency – completed

    • HyperLedger Blockchain peer to peer network – completed
    • Administration Business Layer – completed
      • User management
      • Minting and allocating coins
    • Node software – completed
    • IOS app – completed
    • Android app – completed
    • Windows wallet – completed
    • Mac wallet – under development
    • Public website at www.forestcoin.earth – completed
  • 2

    Issuing Forestcoins to tree planters – currently in process

    • Allowing users to sign up without the requirement of KYC/AML checks
    • Coins are minted and issued as trees are planted and verified.
    • No transactions will be permitted until KYC/AML is completed at a later step in this roadmap.
    • All wallets will be frozen from sending coins.
  • 3

    Development of a cryptocurrency exchange – under development – target launch date: June 2019


    • The developers of Forestcoin are currently developing www.exchangeforest.com, which will be a separate entity to Forestcoin, and is intended to be a cryptocurrency exchange specializing in Forestcoin Trading Pairs, initially
      • Forestcoin > Bitcoin
      • Forestcoin > Bitcoin Cash
      • Forestcoin > Ethereum
      • Forestcoin > Yet to be determined stable coins linked to USD, EUR, and other major currencies


    • The developers of Forestcoin are currently developing www.forestmerchant.com, which will operate as a sub brand of exchangeforest.com and will supply
      • Online Merchant facilities for website and app integration and
      • Point of Sale (PoS) merchant facilities for integration for instore at the counter sales
    • When exchangeforest.com is live and operational, there will then be a market for buying and selling Forestcoin, and therefore the currency will have a value, which will enable the progression to Stage 4 in this roadmap
  • 4

    KYC / AML checks

    The cost of doing KYC/AML checks is estimated to be approximately USD$3 per user. This cost will be passed on to the user who can pay for it either from:

    • The user’s Forestcoin wallet, as a first outgoing transaction from the user to Forestcoin at the exchange
    • rate available on exchangeforest.com, orexchangeforest.com, as a first transaction when the user buys Forestcoins
  • 5

    Allowing Transactions

    After the KYC/AML check has been completed and approved the user’s wallet will be unfrozen and they may commence transacting with other approved wallets on the Forestcoin peer to peer network