Hole Photo
Tree Photo
Josh W.
Tree Planted: 11:41am Mar 14, 2021
Location: Australia
Total Plantings: 6 so far
Coins Created: 12.5 Forestcoin
Tree Species: Purple Flowering Maleluca
User From: September 12, 2020
Coins distributed to user wallets as follows
Tree planter:Josh W. 10 Forestcoin
Referrer:Forestcoin 0.5 Forestcoin
Node that created the block:Admin 0.125 Forestcoin
Australia donation fund:0.125 Forestcoin
Crowdsourced approver:Michelle G., Australia 0.25 Forestcoin
Comments: Great tree planting!! 😄
Crowdsourced approver:Forestcoin 0.25 Forestcoin
Comments: Please admin double check. As far as I can see this is a bush like plant that will not becomenot a tree or as per the requirements : "a woody plant with elongated trunk"
Crowdsourced approver:Forestcoin 0.25 Forestcoin
Forestcoin for development & maintenance of the system:1 Forestcoin

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