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Tree Photo
Luis A.
Tree Planted: 09:19am Feb 7, 2022
Location: Portugal
Total Plantings: 117 so far
Coins Created: 12.5 Forestcoin
Tree Species: Arbutus Unedo
User From: November 12, 2021
Coins distributed to user wallets as follows
Tree planter:Luis A. 10 FC
Referrer:Maria A. 0.5 FC
Node that created the block:Forestcoin Limited 0.125 FC
Portugal donation fund:0.125 FC
Crowdsourced approver:Ìž¬í˜¸ Ì., United States of America 0.25 FC
Comments: WOW
Crowdsourced approver:Ciro C., Argentina 0.25 FC
Comments: Congratulations Luis! You have planted 51 trees with this Arbutus Unedo! Make sure to keep planting autochthonous vegetation and preserve the flora and fauna. Thank you Luis for making this wolrd green 🌲
Crowdsourced approver:Jul L., Canada 0.25 FC
Comments: Nice work and keep going!!!
Forestcoin Limited for development & maintenance of the system:1 FC

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