Dig the hole, open the Forestcoin app and take a photo of the tree next to the hole
Plant the tree and take a photo from the same angle
The app records the GPS location, direction that the camera is facing, and the timestamp of the photos, and this data is used to confirm that the tree planting is legitimate
Take a selfie so you can use it for social media sharing
The verification of tree plantings The tree planting is then submitted into the crowdsource approval process whereby other registered users can examine the tree planting to assess it’s legitimacy, and can either vote to approve the tree planting, or flag it as a false planting. Forestcoin has a confidential set of conditions built into the approval process to ensure that approving users cannot repeatedly view their friends plantings conspire to falsely approve them.
After three crowdsourced approvals, a final check is completed by the Forestcoin administrators. Particular attention is given to tree plantings with mixed results (i.e. some approve votes, and also flagged as a false planting) to assist in looking for fraudulent votes. If required Forestcoin will withdraw the voting rights of users that have voted fraudulently to ensure the integrity of future voting.
After the tree planting is determined to be legitimate, the coins are minted and a transaction is created and transmitted to a node for inclusion into the next block. In the case of a bulk approval for thousands of tree plantings (and therefore thousands of new coins) the coins are released at 6 second delays to ensure that the node fees are spread around multiple nodes instead of one node receiving all node fees.
All photos of all tree plantings are displayed on the Forestcoin website which allows for the public verification that the number of coins in circulation correlates to the number of planted trees

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