Choose Forestcoin life

  • By using forestcoins for purchases and transfers you are supporting tree planting. Every forestcoin has been created by a person planting a tree.
  • In order the pay for goods and services with forestcoin, you will first of all need to obtain forestcoins either by planting a tree and taking a photo with the forestcoin app available on itunes or google play (link), or by buying them at a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • If you buy forestcoins at a cryptocurrency exchange, the transfer from traditional money (eg USD) to forestcoin is essentially giving money to tree planters.
  • You can then use the forestcoin to buy goods and services. Simply by choosing to pay using forestcoin you are monetising the planting of a tree.

    By paying with Forestcoin there has been no additional cost to you as the buyer (other than perhaps a very small % fee at a cryptocurrency exchange). This is truely a planet changing concept.

    Forestcoin aims to secure the loyalty of millions of people worldwide who want to pay exclusively by forestcoin for the goods and services that they consume, and by no other method.

    Buy forestcoins at a crypto exchange
    Use them to buy goods and services
    You have just monetized the planting of a tree!
  • Merchants – align yourself with forestcoin and be associated with the cryptocurrency that is good for the planet. Use the forestcoin payment gateway for to received money for online sales, or the forestcoin point of sale system to accept forestcoin in store.
    Accept forestcoin for online sales or at point of sale
    Exchange the forestcoins for traditional currency at a crypto exchange
    Receive the forestcoins in your wallet
    Receive the money into your bank!